Studio Tideland is a recording studio located in the culturally diverse West of Rotterdam, run by George Tas.
At the heart of the studio is the control room, containing both digital and analog gear for creating and shaping sounds and delivering a good mix. Then there is a recording room large enough to hold a full band, and a vocal booth where the vocalists can do their thing. The large kitchen/lounge/office space is not only for meetings and chilling, but can also be employed as an event space for workshops, presentations and the occasional film night.

George has had a deep interest in music since he was a kid – from delta blues to sludge metal, dark ambient to breakcore, rocksteady to grime, and everything in between. He’s been making electronic music since the 90’s, with software and hardware, analog and digital. After working in IT for a long time, he decided to focus fully on audio, sound design and music. His broad taste in music, love for film and video games, and technical background ensure that your project is in good hands, regardless of the sound you’re looking to achieve.