Podcast production

The Dutch-language Dungeons & Dragons podcast “Geen Woorden Maar Draken” is recorded here at the studio (as of halfway season 2). After editing by the Dungeon Master, some sound effects are added where appropriate to enhance immersion. Music and, most importantly, voices, are mixed to provide a pleasant listening experience, and the result is prepared for upload to various streaming services.

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Corporate video

For this video presenting a new version of Mendix Studio Pro, I created a number of sound effects to support the visuals, giving them more impact in a subtle way. The music is a library track provided by the client, but edited by me to fit the video. SFX, music and voice-over were then mixed together to support the message while keeping it intelligible.


Sound design for animation

An animation to explain a concept or process becomes much more compelling and easy to follow when sound effects are added. The sound effects draw attention to, and reinforce, the moving or changing visual elements, making them more tangible or letting them exist in a space.



Music composition

Here is a piece of music I wrote for string quartet. It was recorded by session musicians at Soundgram Studios in Utrecht, then mixed and mastered by me:

C.L.A.Y. – The Last Redemption

This piece was written for a trailer for the game ‘C.L.A.Y. – The Last Redemption’. Strings performed and recorded by Hanna van Gorcum:

The Shadow over Innsmouth

was a play by GUTS theater, based on an H.P. Lovecraft story, for which I was asked to create sound effects and an ambient soundscape.

An example of some of the SFX and a small part of the (originally 2.5h long) soundscape:

And the Underwater Dream sequence:


Game Jams

I’ve participated in a number of game jams in the past year – create a game, from scratch, with a small team, in a limited time period – typically 48 or 72 hours.

You’ll understand that with these limited parameters it’s not always possible to create fully functional and well-polished games; but here are a few that will give an impression of what I can do with sound design and music and very limited resources, in a very short time frame.



Salvage was the result of the first Game Jam I participated in, GMTK 2020. I wasn’t using FMOD yet, I had no way to really adjust the levels, and some of the sounds are attached to the wrong cards – but this Jam gave me a taste for more! Please make sure to play fullscreen or the game might not work well.




Under the Surface

By the time we made Under the Surface (LDJam 48) I had finally convinced our coder to implement FMOD. This gave us a lot of nice options, like dynamic footsteps, semi-randomized ambient sounds and a radio that gets more or less ‘tuned’ depending on where you are in the level. Again, not everything works perfectly because 72 hours is not a lot – and I’ve made a number of new sounds since the jam that haven’t been implemented yet. Play in full screen and click in the text boxes to continue!



A/V Sound Education

The following videos are assignments made during my course on sound design & post-production at A/V Sound Education. I had nothing to do with the original productions, but all of the sound or music in these fragments is my own work. Keep in mind that these were made without any input from a director – although I might at some point make updated versions, incorporating the feedback from my instructors.

Sound redesign, Foley and SFX – Bank Robbery

This scene was stripped of the original sound, and then had Foley and SFX, all recorded and/or designed by Studio Tideland, added; no music or dialog.

Sound Design – Battleship trailer

This trailer only had sound design added; no Foley, no music, no dialog. Some sounds were created through synthesis, some were recorded and processed by me, and some were selected from libraries (and processed by me).