Sound design
& post production

Sound effects and Foley for all kinds of audiovisual productions, from video games to film

Music composition
& recording

Original music for your production, recordings of your voice or instrument

Audio editing
& mixing

Making your recordings sound better

Sound Design & Post Production

From a handful of sound effects to full A/V post-production.

  • Your animation looks awesome, now it just needs some sound effects to really bring it to life
  • Your horror short is visually impressive, but the really scary atmosphere comes from the soundscape
  • Your indie game becomes more immersive with some audio feedback
  • Your company already has a logo, but does it have a sound logo?

I have the tools and expertise to make your product sound professional and compelling, whether it’s a matter of adding subtle SFX to reinforce the visuals, or doing all of the sound effects and Foley for your video production.

Music Composition & Recording

Custom made music for your production and professional recordings of your voice or instrument

  • Your juggling routine would be even more impressive if it was in sync with the music
  • Your rap needs a beat, your commercial needs a jingle, your spoken word needs a soundscape, your film needs a soundtrack
  • You’re ready to record your instrument in something better than your bedroom
  • Your audiobook deserves to be recorded in a professional studio

I can make original music in a wide variety of styles – and we love collaborating with vocalists, musicians and other producers! The new studio has a recording room and separate vocal booth.

Audio Editing & Mixing

Make your music sound the best it can on different sound systems

  • Your company’s phone menu could sound more professional
  • Your audiobook recording has some background noise, pauses that are too long or short, lip-smacking and other unwanted sounds
  • Make your music sound the best it can on mobile phone speakers and in Hi-Fi listening rooms
  • You’re ready to record those new songs and make an EP
  • You’ve recorded a multitrack, but now it needs to be mixed

Recording your music or voice is only the first step! To make it sound good on a mobile phone, a Hi-Fi system and in the club, and give it the impact it deserves, your tracks will need to be mixed, and eventually mastered for publication to streaming services, CD or vinyl.

Please note

The above is of course only a selection of services I can provide. If you have other audio or music needs, don’t hesitate to contact me with a description of your project, and together we’ll figure out how we can make it happen.

Through the magic of the internet, you don’t actually have to be located anywhere near the studio for most of my services.